November 24, 2023

Changes To The First Home Owner Grant QLD

The Queensland Government this week announced an increase to the First Home Owner Grant for eligible Queensland buyers.

The changes mean that first home buyers in Queensland may be eligible for a payment of $30,000 towards the cost of purchasing or building their new home, up from $15,000 under the previous scheme.

What Is The First Home Owner Grant?

The First Home Owner Grant is a program administered by the Queensland Government which provides grants to eligible home buyers in Queensland.

The ethos behind the First Homer Owner Grant is to assist new home buyers to own their own home sooner, with Premier Palaszczuk in a joint statement earlier in the week stating that the new scheme has been developed to assist Queenslanders with the rising cost of living.

Am I Eligible For The First Home Owner Grant?

The eligibility criteria for the First Home Owner Grant has a few moving parts, and if you are unsure, it is always best to seek advice from your solicitor or financial adviser.

In short, the first home buyer grant is available where the value of the property is less than $750,000, where the buyer(s) meet the personal eligibility criteria, and where there is an eligible transaction.

While the Queensland Government has yet to release all the details of the new scheme, it is set to apply to transactions as of November 20, 2023 through to mid-2025.

Below is a summary of the criteria buyers will need to meet.

Personal Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for buyers includes;

  • Buyers must be over the age of eighteen,
  • Buyers must be Australian Citizens or permanent residents; where there is more than one applicant, one buyer needs to be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident
  • Buyers must not have previously owned residential property in Australia that they have resided in.
  • Buyers must move into the property within one year of purchase and live there as their principle place of residence for at least six months continuously.
  • Buyers must not previously have received a First Home Owner Grant in any territory or state of Australia

Property And Transaction Details

The property must be valued at under $750,000, and may be any of the following;

  • A free standing house
  • An apartment or unit
  • A duplex or townhouse
  • A granny flat built on a relative’s property
  • A home that has been moved from one parcel of land to another

The property transaction must be one of the following eligible transactions;

New Home

A new home is a home that has never been lived in or sold.

The first home owners grant is not available for previously owned property, or property that has previously been lived in, unless it is a substantially renovated home (see below).

Contract to Build

A contract to build is where the Buyer has engaged a builder to build their home under a comprehensive home building contract – that is, a contract to build the home to completion where a final inspection certificate has been issued.

For example, buyers purchasing a house and land package may be eligible.

Off The Plan Purchase

Buying off the plan means signing a contract to buy a property before the home is completed and/or the proposed lot and plan description has been registered.

An off the plan purchase may be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant provided all eligibility criteria are met.

Owner Builder

If you build all or part of your home as an owner builder, or you engage more than one builder to build different parts of your home, you may still be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant as an owner builder.

Substantial Renovation

The First Home Owners Grant may also be available where a home has been substantially renovated.

Care should be taken when assessing whether or not there have been ‘substantial renovations’ to a property. In general, most or all of the components of the home must have been removed or replaced. A renovation of one room in a three bedroom house for example, would not count as a substantial renovation.

Other criteria apply as well, including;

  • The seller must be registered for GST, and evidence must be provided that GST is payable on the purchase price
  • The Seller must provide a statement declaring that the property has not been lived in or sold since the substantial renovations took place, and the nature and extent of the renovations.

The above is a summary of the eligibility criteria for the First Home Owners Grant. For more information, check out the Queensland Government’s guide, and remember to seek advice if you are uncertain.

Other Points To Consider

If you are buying property for the first time, it’s important to remember that the First Home Owners Grant is only one part of the complex process of buying property. There are many other things to consider, including;

  • What other grants or concessions you might be eligible for;
  • Other costs you may not have considered, such as stamp duty, the transfer registration fee, insurance, and searches;
  • Which bank or lending institution you will choose if you require a loan to finance your purchase;
  • Which conveyancer you will use to guide you through the process of buying your first home

More Questions?

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