May 28, 2024

Should I Have A Pre-Contract Review?

Whether you are purchasing or selling property, it is always recommended that you have your contract reviewed by an experienced lawyer prior to signing.

Conveyancing lawyers will be able to advise you on the standard terms and conditions in your contract, along with any special conditions that might be included, and can even assist you with drafting special conditions if needed.

This puts you in the position to make a more informed decision about entering into the contract.

What Is Involved In A Contract Review?

If you would like to have your contract reviewed before you sign it, either you or your real estate agent can send a copy of the contract through to

One of our experienced solicitors will then review the contract and explain the terms and conditions.

How Long Do Contract Reviews Take?

Most of the time, pre-contract reviews can be turned around on the same day we receive the contract, and often within a few hours.

We recommend giving the office a call prior to sending the contract through, so we can advise on what the timeframe is likely to be.

More Questions?

Keylaw offers free pre contract advice when you engage our services (excluding off-the-plan contracts). Simply send a copy of your unsigned contract through to our office and one of our experienced property solicitors will be happy to look it over for you.

If you have any questions about pre-contract reviews or any other aspect of conveyancing law, our expert, friendly conveyancing lawyers are more than happy to chat! Contact us today.

The above is not legal advice and is general information only.