September 27, 2021

3 Reasons to hire a Conveyancer

How your conveyancer helps you when buying or selling property

When buying and selling a property, it is essential to get conveyancing done. Conveyancing is the legal action of moving the official land title ownership to a new owner. The owner can be a person or entity.

A conveyancer is a licensed professional who knows the real estate laws. So, what exactly does a conveyancer do? Well, they help you buy and sell your property while meeting all legal obligations. As the settlement title transfer process is legally insured, and the client’s rights are protected, both sides have to satisfy the obligations in a contract of sale. This is where a conveyancer can help. There are many tasks a conveyancer will do to make the process smoother for you. They prepare and verify legal documents as well the property for settlement. Here are some responsibilities they may perform:


When it comes to buying and selling property, appropriate paperwork is required. If the paperwork is not correctly done in the required time, then the contract can become void. Losing your dream property and deposit due to paperwork issues is not what you want. Getting professional conveyancing services is, therefore, worth it as preparing legal documents is a conveyancer’s primary role in real estate transactions.

They can include any special conditions you want in the contract to avoid any conflicts later. They will thoroughly search the title and planning, so you have disclosed all relevant things according to the laws of your territory. Property buyers need their services to prepare all transfer documents that meet the legal regulations.

Legal Advice

A conveyancer will take a significant portion of legal work, and due to their expertise, they can help you make better decisions. You will be able to navigate the process efficiently and successfully with their guidance. They can make your settlement dates coincide if you are buying one property and selling another simultaneously. They can also advise on discharging your mortgage in time for settlement if necessary. Always let your conveyancer read through the contract before you sign as they can find many hidden details. Besides advising on the terms and conditions of the contract, they will also help you arrange the settlement with the bank.

The Settlement

The central role of a conveyancer is to arrange the final details of the settlement. They will coordinate a proper time of settlement between both parties. The convenience of both parties and their banks is considered as the bank needs to arrange the funds. They will request the real estate agent to hand over the keys to the buyer after the settlement has occurred.

Buying and selling a property is complicated. But, the process can be streamlined and simplified with the help of professional conveyancers.